Monday, March 08, 2004

Bates Hooks and the quest for yarn

I don't care for the Bates hooks either. The Boye hooks are more rounded at the tip, making it easier and faster to stitch. The Bates ones have that little straight shelf making it nearly impossible for me to stitch smoothly. I can't get any rhythm going with a Bates hook. These wooden hooks I like are longer than Boye hooks and take some getting used to, how to balance them in your hand, but once I do it seems sometimes that the Boye hooks are too small and I switch back to the wooden ones. And they are so darn pretty!

I went out to Michaels and Walmart today. Neither of them my favorite places to buy yarn but the closest ones in the area to where we live. I have $90 in gift cards to Michaels, that big store and darned if I can find anything to buy there. I finally bought three balls of red #3 thread to make that hat with. Perhaps having the thread will then require me to make the hat. At Walmart I did buy four more skeins of the Ocean Red Heart yarn; I'm afraid it isn't enough still to finish that ripple. I need to search around online and try to order a couple more skeins of it. I'm not worried about mixing the dye lots as I'm using two strands at once, I can blend them together and it won't be so noticeable rather than waiting until the end of it and having it jump out at me. I've made that mistake before! It's pretty enough yarn that if I end up with too much I'll be able to use it for something else with little effort. Maybe some of those Dishcloth Angels that Vera made.

Time to start thinking about lunch and then to crochet. I'm bound and determined to get something accomplished today!