Monday, March 08, 2004

boo hiss

After much debate and conversation with myself, I decided to frog the ocean ripple afghan. My sweetheart was very upset to come out into the living room and see the pile of yarn on the floor behind the coffee table. I was too. I had added a row or two on it this evening, and then suddenly realized that the thing was huge, absolutely huge. Way too wide for anything but a twin sized bed, and my intent was to make a lapghan for a quick gift. Who knows what I was thinking when I chained it out! And I'm having a terribly hard time finding the yarn online. The one place that actually has it (and shall remain nameless because I got upset but have been pleased with them in the past) wanted over $8 for UPS Ground. I'm not paying that much for shipping for three or so skeins of yarn. Sorry. I checked eBay but can't find any there. So now I'm leaning towards a striped ripple with the lavender I bought originally to blend in with the multi. I'm not happy. However, I was even more unhappy with the size of the afghan, and the difficulty I was having finding more yarn. At least this way I'll be okay to work on it if everything actually works together well. I hope it will!!