Thursday, March 25, 2004

cotton, wool - divine!

After lunch today my sweetheart decided we should go to Sam's and stock up our freezer. I mentioned that there might be a Joann's in the area, so he said we'd look for it.

I took this to work on and finished it on the way back:

Hi Pam!

We headed toward Sam's with no sign of Joann's (sounds like friends of ours or something). I said not to worry about it, but he insisted and drove another ten miles or so until I saw the Joann's sign. He's very sweet.

He bought me this:

Now I can make my felted bag - provided I get brave enough and provided I can decide on a color to dye the yarn.

He also bought me this:

Patons Divine Frosted Green. I may make a shawl, I hope I bought enough. If not, I'm sure it will make a lovely scarf or two or three.

I was disappointed in the Joann's though. Tiff had mentioned they'd gotten a lot of Patons yarn but no luck in this one. Besides that, the yarn was half empty in the bins, tossed and scattered around. Wal-Mart looks better any given day. We did see, on the top of the shelf still in it's plastic wrap, some LionBrand Magic Stripe, TLC Macaroon (very interesting), and Patons Fresca and Grace (click here). For me, Little Miss "Wal-Mart is my LYS", this was very exciting. Wal-Mart doesn't carry anything like this. Rick wanted me to buy some of everything, unfortunately that is not possible, but we will go back. It's not quite as close to the Joann's I would usually choose to go to, but it is near the Sam's we go to so we can always combine the trip.

So much to do!