Saturday, March 20, 2004

Happy Spring at you!

I got my Patternworks catalog in the mail today. Very impressive as I ordered it last weekend, I think. I will be looking through it many times over, those yarns are beautiful!! I told my sweetheart he was in trouble now, though if I'm brave enough to actually order anything remains to be seen. Since I do afghans 95% of the time, and hats and scarves the rest, I think most of those yarns are out of my price range. That being said, why, what's to stop me? ;o) A skein or two of just about all of it would make a gorgeous hat or scarf (or both) to make me happy. Maybe even to make my sister happy who never likes anything crocheted. I could fool her into liking it if she doesn't watch out!

We drove to Sam's today to buy this and that for my sweetie's website. I took the diamond strip and got a second one almost completed. So one and a half so far, I'm doing just the strips first and then will stitch the scalloped edge on each one. I've made them a little bit longer than the pattern calls for, another 12 rows, but I want it to be plenty big. I'm eager to get it done though, it's pretty and I want to see how it looks finished.

Tonight I'm going to finish the purple ripple. I'm bound and determined. I've done nothing but pick at it the last few nights. I should be done with it by now!