Sunday, March 07, 2004

hooks and hats

So I splurged today and ordered myself another P hook. I taught myself to crochet using Boye hooks and have them all over the house, in the car and when I worked, on my keyboard. It was a great way to relax, twirling it between my fingers and wishing I had yarn attached to it. I love these wooden hooks (see link to the right). And if I'm going to have a bedroom project and a living room project I should have two favorite P hooks, right? I think I have at least one wooden hook of each size, in fact, I know I do. Now I move on to duplicates of each size, more than one of each because each one is unique and I may as well have too many hooks to match all this yarn.

I got the March 2004 Hooked On Crochet magazine yesterday afternoon in the mail. This is the last issue I'll get before my subscription expires and I'm hit with 800 weekly reminders to renew - I won't though. I've yet to make anything from the patterns they provide, but I may have to make that red hat. My future step-mother-in-law is a Red Hat Mother and the sweetest soul on the planet. I'm sure she has many hats, but not one that I've made for her. One of these days I'll get brave and try.

I didn't get much crocheting done today. The weather was lovely and I had little desire to stay indoors. Maybe tomorrow.