Tuesday, March 30, 2004

I should be crocheting...

I got the March issue of Crochet! magazine today. I really like the mail lady if she keeps bringing me these kinds of things. I will probably subscribe to this one, it seems to have a few more things of interest to me than Crochet World did.

I got an email from the woman at Quickie Cutter this morning. She said she could design anything so I will watch to see if a crochet cutter joins the ranks. I like these because they have the alligator clip on the back. I can attach it to my purse and forget about it until I need it.

I won more yarn last night on eBay. My sweetheart should never have gotten me started looking there for yarn. I always knew I could, and I also knew if I started it would be very dangerous. Hopefully it will be here soon, I want to make a scarf. Hand-dyed merino wool - finally a scarf for me and darn it I'll make it a nice one!