Saturday, March 06, 2004

Ripple Redux

So now I have two ripple afghans started. I'm obsessing over ripples lately, I'm not sure why other than the ease of doing them, and getting them done super fast. Normally if I put some quality time and effort I can finish one in about a week. I have three young cousins in Michigan that I've chosen to "gift" this year, with more relatives to follow if I can. I've got a good start on the first one, just started on the second one and have to buy yarn still for the last one.

Yesterday we bought enough yarn for the second afghan, and sure enough when I got it home and started it I hate it. Frog Frog Frog. So now instead of being a multi-colored strand and a solid colored strand, it is two strands of the multi (Red Heart Ocean). I like that better, it's a pleasant shift of colors that suits the name of the yarn color. And I have to admit, this one is for the cousin that won't appreciate it so much. It's looking nicer than I thought it would, and I'll probably be the only one to feel that way about it. It'll be one of those I wish I could keep.