Sunday, March 28, 2004


I am finally starting to be able to move. A sure sign that I need to start exercising is all the aches and pains I still have from yesterday. And exercising is just about as much fun as pulling weeds.

After running errands today, and a surprise breakfast out with my sweetie, I finally finished making the five strips for the Sunshine Diamonds baby afghan. I started the first round of the border for the strip, and a little bit of the scalloping to see how it would look. I'm really excited!

After I finish the borders (sc around, then the scalloping) on all five strips, then I'll start joining them together. Not much longer now and I'll be able to make a block or two on the 63 Squares Crochetalong. I've completed four blocks of the Pineapple Pillowghan and am midway through the fifth.

Later this week, Julie's adventures in Kool-Aid dyeing! Eeeek!