Monday, March 29, 2004

stuff and more stuff

My eBay auction yarn arrived today. The pretty blue Tivoli cotton baby yarn with little bits of pink and yellow rayon entwined through it came. Rick was disappointed that the skeins are small but I thought they would be; they are 50g each. I think it is beautiful and will save it for something special.

I also got my first Crochet World magazine in the mail today. I glanced through it quickly before going out but not much jumped out at me. I should have taken it along for the ride. I do like the horses though:

It would be cute to make a little horse to go with the Sunshine Diamonds afghan, if I can be patient enough to do it. I have to look at the pattern and see if I'll be able to do it without yelling too much.

And finally, I ordered a thread cutter from Quickie Cutter. The little frog one, and I'm going to send an email suggesting some crochet ones. I was disappointed, but I like frogs so I will be happy with that one too. They even have a ladybug, Pam!