Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Sunny Future

I went to bed last night, as I always do after finishing a project, with my mind full of "what to do next" thoughts. I don't think I settled down until long after midnight. I really am tired of ripples right now, and after I finish the purple one will take a little break from them. I think. I still need to make one more for a cousin in Michigan, and as I may possibly be going up in June for a visit I may take them with me. They also make great Christmas gifts so hanging on to them is always an option. ;o) Anyway, I got back up out of a nice warm bed around 12:00am to look through my books and see what I could find for a baby afghan. I would have gotten online but I knew I'd be here for a while if I did! I settled on a little afghan called 'Sunshine Diamonds' from the book Mile-A-Minute Baby Afghans by American School of Needlework. Looks super easy and I like the yellow colors, though I will change them around a bit as I usually do. I'm eager to get started, the beginning of a new project is always the best part. I don't think it will take long at all, and I'll have finished the purple ripple in a day or two I suspect. Then I'll get to start searching all over again!