Monday, March 15, 2004

Thank you and geezerhood status

Another public thank you to Donna, for the button she made me for my blog (and I think she's working on another one). Thank you thank you thank you thank you!! I really appreciate the hard work, and it kept me from having a stroke as I tried unsuccessfully to make one myself. Thanks to Vera too, for sending me a link. I like her stuff too, and may have her make me one. Thank you!

My sweetheart and I went to good ol' Wally World for new tires and things today. After wandering the store for a little while, and picking up odds and ends of things that we needed, my sweetie decided to head back to the automotive department to see how things were going. I met him there a little bit later, after checking out the craft dept. again and again. The mechanics were having a miserable time getting the lug nuts off the tires, it took almost an hour to get all four of them off. I wandered off again but my feet were killing me, so I bought our things, then headed back to my sweetheart with the cart because I knew there were chairs back where he was. I sat with him for a few minutes, by that time the guys had gotten off all but one of the tires. I wished I had yarn and a hook, then realized I was only a few hundred feet from plenty of yarn and hooks so I hobbled over and picked something out. I bought my new toys and sat back down in my chair, stitching away. I started on a round ripple (that darn ripple again!!) as a baby gift for a former co-worker.

People walked around and past us, back and forth. Usually I could see a few turn their heads to see me working, but only one person commented on it. I looked up once to see a young man studying the hubcap display intently. His shirt said, "Class of 2006" on it. I thought, "How silly, 2006..." Then I realized that I graduated in 1989; it will have been seventeen years when this kid graduates in 2006! He started school about the same time as I was graduating!! And I stitched away, and gradually realized that my feet still hurt, and my knee was throbbing, and my back hurts, and I'm crocheting. I think I felt older than I looked - I hope!

I got about an eight inch diameter finished on the round ripple, but I bet I will end up frogging it before I pick it up again. I know I made mistakes, and that's my faulty memory trying to get the pattern right off the top of my head. Pretty close though, I think.