Monday, April 26, 2004

10 - 11 - 12

#10 - Offset Cluster

This was a fun block to do. I find myself sometimes second guessing the patterns, thinking that what they are asking me to do can't possibly be right. This was one of them. This is also a case of me getting comfortable with a new stitch and then fine tuning it so much that the beginning looks much better than the end. I had to add an extra row of sc to the beginning and end of it, top and bottom, in order to get even close to gauge. If I'd continued the pattern sequence again it would have been too long.

#11 - Horizontal Relief Stitch

I don't like it I don't like it I don't like it. FPdc and BPdc are not my friends and never will be. It was incredibly easy to do. Unfortunately I don't care for the look, the stitches, how it steadfastly refuses to lay flat. In order to take this picture I had to block it, then pound it into the table top. Even still it thinks it wants to ruffle on me but I won't allow it. I don't like this block.

#12 - Open Ridge Stitch

I like this one. I love the way it stayed so very square all the way through. I love all the little squares the pattern makes. I still had to frog and redo it about six or seven times trying to get to gauge, but I loved it while I was doing it each and every time.

10 - H
11 - H
12 - H (wanted to use an I for this one but my stitches became too wide. Stuck with the H)