Thursday, April 01, 2004

Another gift from the mail lady

I do like the mail lady. She brought me my frog cutter today. I guess I should say thread cutter. Frog cutter sounds like a science class nightmare, and I like frogs. It's much bigger than I thought it was going to be.

Very nicely done though, and it works too!

The good thing about being in a grumpy mood (or whatever mood I'm in at the moment - it isn't cheerful I know that much) is that I get loads of crocheting done. I did as much in two hours on the baby afghan as I normally do all day long. If only I could keep that speed and dedication going all the time, I could get things done. So now I have three strips completed, and the other two are waiting for their borders. Then I get to join them which shouldn't take long. Then I start the 63 Squares Crochetalong!

Stash buster, I'm thinking stash yarn because frankly, I can't afford to buy any new right now. Not that it didn't stop me from bidding on that merino wool the other day on eBay, or a quickie trip to Michaels yesterday for mercerized cotton. Yep, I've got my priorities straight.

And tomorrow I'm going to Walmart. Can I stay out of the yarn department?