Friday, April 23, 2004

I won't use kudzu vines if you don't use shoe strings

Before I head off to combat a lurking migraine and try to crochet the yucky square #11 (I don't like it!), I wanted to blab about a few things.

In no particular order:

1. Vanilla Coke is brilliant, it really is. I don't even like regular Coke, but I'll take a Vanilla Coke every time.

2. If I had a LYS to play in, I'd buy all the yarn they had to offer. I suppose we're assuming money is no object from that little statement there. Trust me, it is.

3. I have never read anything in any blog or website about acrylic yarn vs. wool/silk/handspun/shoe string/"insert favorite non-acrylic yarn here" yarns that has offended or upset me.

4. "Snobbery" is not a term I would use to describe what yarn a person or the person themselves preferred to stitch with.

5. Shame on anyone who is offended because they read that blogger A prefers shoe strings over wool to crochet with. Personally I may have a problem if the blogger used neon colored shoe strings, but again, it is a personal preference and I shouldn't worry about it.

6. I started my blog to blab primarily, and the Lord knows I'm good at blabbing. I love that people come to see what I'm working on. I'm incredibly flattered that people come to see what I am working on.

7. I have learned so many wonderful things from so many of you that I never knew about before. You all have inspired me to try new things. You all make me brave about my color choices and selections. I am deeply grateful to each of you.

8. Don't ever stop writing about what you do, and what you use, and what you prefer to use. I want to know all of that, and I want to know the reasons why. Just because my Wal-mart doesn't carry Patons stuff doesn't mean I don't want to know about it.

Now, all of you have my "permission" to come and tell me they don't like acrylics or the hemp string I'm thinking about using to make some placemats. But be warned, you may get an afghan or placemat in the mail someday. Watch out! ;o)

One other thing... My Wally World has two empty shelves with UPC tags attached to the front of them. On one shelf the tags say Bernat Galaxy - $3.83 (I think) and the others say Bernat Frenzy - $4.82 (I think). There was one lonely skein of Frenzy in one of the bins. It's really nice. Very soft and fluffy. When they get more I'll buy it for my sister and that scarf I promised to make her. I did go back today after my sweetheart insisted I buy those new colors I loved, but still couldn't decide what to make with them. They'll be there for a while so I have time.