Saturday, April 10, 2004

I'm a smurf?

I could blab on for days about how soft the yarn was to work with. I fell asleep thinking about different ways I could have worked it up, but frankly I just wanted to feeling it sliding through my fingers last evening. First I thought I would just wind it into a ball. Then I grabbed a hook and this is what happened -

I'm pleased with it, and it will fit nicely. It is certainly warm! I am a little concerned about my hands; I know if I wear it for any length of time I'll end up with a dyed neck or dyed collars. Somebody out there knows what to do about that, I have no clue. It was a surprise to me last night, to watch my fingers change colors. lol - acrylic yarn doesn't do that! I had tangible proof of how I wrap the yarn around my fingers for tension - not the traditional wrap but it works for me.

Today is a gorgeous day so I'm not sure if I'll get much work done. I should be able to complete the baby afghan by Tuesday or Wednesday, I hope. Then I can start the 63 Squares afghan, if I can ever settle on which colors.