Wednesday, April 07, 2004

part two, from an email

We join our heroine in the emergency room.

Dr.: Okay, let's have a look. Oh, nasty little burn there. How did you say you got this again?

YG: Um, well doctor, I grabbed my metal crochet hook off the dashboard of the car after it had been sitting in front of Wal-Mart for about 45 minutes.

Dr.: A crochet hook?

YG: Yeeesss.

Dr.: What are you doing with a crochet hook in your car?

YG: I never leave the house without one!

Dr.: I see. And what do you DO with this crochet hook then?

YG: Getting testy.... Well Mr. smarty pants, I CROCHET with it! Eyes narrowing.... What do you do with THIS thing? (picking up the business end of his stethescope and giving it a few sharp tugs)

Dr.: Eyes widening. Allrighty then, here is a nice soothing ointment for your hand and some "second skin" to put on it for a few days. Try to keep it dry.

YG: Thank you SO much. Hopping off table and exiting ER in a bit of a huff.

Dr.: Takes out pad. "Note to self: Never get between a crocheter and her hook!"


~from Yetzirah