Sunday, April 18, 2004

thank you and updates

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to everyone who has left notes over the last few days, even since the beginning of the blog. I appreciate every one of them, I've learned so much and laughed with all of you. Thank you!

Rick's birthday is tomorrow, and both of us have taken a break from our usual routines over the last couple of days. Tomorrow will be another excursion that we're both looking forward to - he bought a fishing boat for his birthday and though we don't have it here yet, we are lake hunting tomorrow. Next weekend we will get the boat and hopefully soon thereafter we'll be able to get it in the water. He keeps assuring me I'll still be able to crochet while fishing. :o) I'm not so sure that is a good idea, I'm sure to get the fishing line and yarn tangled up. In any case, it will be a good birthday for my sweetheart with something he has wanted for a very long time and that makes me happy.

I haven't done much crocheting, not as much as I'd like. We normally watch a movie in the evenings, so I've been able to crochet at that time and have made good progress on the Pillowghan CAL. Only six more squares to go and then I can start joining them together. I'm still in the middle of the #7 square for the 63 Squares CAL. Tomorrow while lake-hunting I will take some Peaches n Cream yarn and make some dishclothes. Though I must say, check out the afghan Morici made with Peaches n Cream yarn. It's very tempting. Maybe I'll just make some squares. ;o)

Before I go, here is a semi-real poll question: What is your favorite kind of yarn for making socks? The Broad-Ripple KAL has got me interested, all of the pictures in so many blogs, and Pam's In Your Shoes Ankle Socks have me flat out inspired. If you've made socks before (and I haven't), what yarn do you recommend? Thank you's in advance for any and all input offered. :o)