Thursday, April 22, 2004

what to do, what to do...

Patons Brilliant - "Super soft metallic yarn great for garments and scarves"

Bernat Galaxy - "Luscious, ultra soft yarn that creates a wonderful urban look when knitted or crocheted"

Bernat Frenzy - "Very soft, silky yarn with shades that are a chaotic blend of frantic color"

LionBrand Colorwaves - "Soft boucle is blended to create a soft wave of color, flowing from one shade to the next"

LionBrand Colorama - "A whole new twist on color! A single skein will make one nine-foot long color block scarf. Similar to Homespun, only with long stretches of color, so scarf will knit up into blocks of color without changing yarns!"

LionBrand Incredible - "A 3/8" wide tape yarn with rich and vibrant colors"

I love being bored on a Thursday night and finding new things to play with.

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Now, if only I can convince the folks at Wally World to stock this stuff...