Friday, April 30, 2004

whip it good

I finally finished all the squares for the Pillowghan CAL from Crochetville. It was the never ending square; I kept making them and making them and it seemed as if I'd never get enough completed. Finally, today I did. So now I have them all tied together and have begun to whipstitch the sides. It should take me a week or so to do that. I know the pattern doesn't call for a border but I will do a hdc edging all the way around, and on the pillow top. As soon as I get it finished I will start on my wool bag. It's calling to me to hurry up. Any kicking and prodding will be greatly appreciated.

Yesterday we went to Joann's but no matter how much Rick coaxed me to buy yarn I couldn't see anything that struck my fancy. I'm so obsessed with the projects I'm working on now I couldn't begin to think of anything else to play with. Maybe I'll make a little eBay purchase this weekend (very little) to calm any yarn withdrawals I may suffer from.