Saturday, April 03, 2004

yarn trip

Rick and I went to Hobby Lobby today. He asked if I needed to go anywhere, and before I could even think he said Hobby Lobby. I didn't put up too much of a struggle about it, either. Most of the yarn was picked over, especially the TLC Expressions yarn which was on sale. We walked up and down the aisles looking at what they had to offer, and I had to admit to myself that there really wasn't anything there that screamed at me. I did see some Patons Katrina which was quite lovely, I really did like that.

I kept ending up at the Peaches & Cream cotton yarn though, so asked Rick if there was something there he liked. He picked out two, then I picked out two, then he picked out more, and I picked more and you get the idea. At least they are colors I can't get at Walmart.

At least it was cheap at a whopping $1.27 a skein. Some of them were marked $3.21 so I spent a good bit of time making sure they had the correct prices on them.

I found another blue to go in the pineapple pillowghan afghan, so now I have three shades of blue and a white, perfect. So much for using yarn in my stash. Maybe next time - or - maybe not. While I had Rick there I asked what he thought about shades of white and cream for the 63 Squares afghan. He wasn't too keen on it, and when I found the book there he said he liked the colors on the cover. I do too, and since this is going to be in our living room for the most part I want both of us to like it so that will most likely be it. I'm not above having more than three colors, so we'll see what happens as it gets closer to me starting it. Maybe shades of the colors given... All these ideas racing around in my head.

I took this to work on and have almost finished it, just need to add a border to it. Lucky I bought some yellow cotton that matches very nicely.