Tuesday, May 11, 2004

19 - 20 - 21

We were supposed to go fishing today but with thunderstorms in the forecast we decided to stay home. I worked on these. At least I still got to play with hooks!

#19 - Circle In A Square

I love this block. It is my absolute favorite so far. I think I use the word 'easy' too much, but it really was. I will use this one many times over, I am already thinking of an afghan of just this using similar colors to Donna's 63 Squares afghan. I think it would be beautiful. I wish I was already working on it. This square is a joy to do.

#20 - Plain Square

Ugh. While it wasn't difficult, it took forever to do and I really don't care for the look. If I had a prize I'd offer one to the first person who can find my major mistake. I don't know how obvious it is but this is one way to find out.

#21 - Flower Square

Any square that ends as a granny has my vote. I know this block has been around for ages but it was my first attempt at that flower. Rick was impressed so I'm pleased.

I'm getting consistant with my hook sizes now, another set where all three are 'H' hooks. I probably could have gone up to an I on #20, mainly just to get it over with quicker than using the H.

Now, for the evening, on to the crochet purse. The bottom is done and I'm probably just under half of the way up the sides. I can hardly wait to felt it, and after reading Ro's adventures in dyeing wool last night, I'm eager to try my hand at dyeing wool again.