Saturday, May 22, 2004

22 - 23 - 24

#22 - Cross Stitch

I'd done this one before, ages ago in an afghan. Very nice texture.

#23 - Slant Stitch

When I actually was able to sit and work on it, this one went very quickly. I do have a hard time remembering which way is up.

#24 - Climbing Shells

I started and finished this one today, after the ice cream cone. Really simple, and though it looks funny with the two points across the top, I love the look of this square.

Once again, all the squares were done with a H hook. I probably will redo #23, it would be sized better with an I. I felt like I worked on it for a week though, with all my starts and stops, so I just wanted to finish it and decide later if I am going to frog it.