Monday, May 31, 2004

Computer Problems

Last night with some online friends, I very idiotically made a comment along the lines that it had been ages since Rick or I had problems with our computers.

Should it be no surprise to anyone that mine is now toast?

It won't load past 15% on Scan Disk, which is telling me that somehow in the shutting down of the computer last night, there was some sort of an error I am not aware of. I may decide to hurl the whole thing out the window, or get brave and figure that I have nothing to lose and try to reformat the stupid thing. Rick very sweetly mentions he will get me a new computer, but I am busily trying to drown him out right now. I hate the thought of spending the money.

I'm going to turn off my notifies until I can get back up one way or another. I think I have an autorespond on my email but am not sure.

I can use Rick's computer in-between to check things so I won't entirely disappear. I just won't be very happy for a while.

In crocheting news, I have been working on my first pair of socks with the sock yarn my Secret Pal sent me. While the first sock looks a little odd, the second is coming along very nicely. I should have it finished this evening, especially with little computer time to play with. I don't know that I can post any pictures on Rick's computer.

Now I'm busy thinking of all the files I've most likely lost on the computer which is very upsetting to me. I should go.