Monday, May 17, 2004

Felted Bag

It's late and I had many delays, but finally I completed the felted crochet bag. It was so much fun throwing it in the washing machine to felt it; I was never so frightened in my life! LOL Of course, I didn't realize I was frightened until after the first time the agitator began to move.

Here is a picture of the bag before I felted it -

Here is a picture of the bag after I felted it -

Truly, I wasn't sure that I liked the colors until I put the handles on it a few minutes ago and slung it over my shoulder. The colors faded more than I thought they would in the wash, but I'm still pleased. There is a golf ball sized bit of red wool left over from this which I will save for something else. I have loads of ideas for next time I try this. There will most certainly be a next time!! :o)