Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Hat & Scarf

I worked on the Bernat Frenzy Ultra Violet I bought a few weeks ago. Even though it is late Spring/early Summer here, I decided to use it for a hat and scarf set for my 6 year old neice, Chloe. She won't get it until Christmas, or super cold weather, whichever comes first. They do make trips to Michigan a couple of times a year, so I know this would be something she would enjoy.

I'm cheating by posting the picture now. I need another skein of the Frenzy to finish the scarf, but for the most part it is finished. It's about two and a half feet long now, and I'd like to double that before I call it complete.

The hat is a simple double crochet hat that I trimmed in Lime Red Heart Soft Baby. The scarf will have the same color for trim. The green is picked out amongst the wisps of color throughout the Frenzy yarn. It is SO soft. I hope she'll like it.