Monday, May 17, 2004

Minor Details

Now that I seem to be awake, I'll mention all the things I forgot to mention last night. I used Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool that I dyed with Kool-Aid. The pattern is one of Marlo's and very easy to do. It took almost exactly two 8 oz. skeins of wool to complete, as I mentioned before I have a tiny little ball of red left for something else.

I was really nervous when I started to felt it, just because I'd never done it before. I checked it between two cycles with the agitator before I let it spin out, then checked it again and decided to wash it one more time. It's solid as can be, I can hardly believe how well it worked out.

The handles are two strands chained together. I used one strand of red and one of purple and they felted into perfect cords. Rick said I made dread locks. I also like the look of the two colors in the cords. It looks slightly swirled and marbled so I may try a smaller something with two different colored strands to see how that comes out.

I'm really pleased, and once I got over my nervousness I'll just be excited next time. I do recommend getting a zippered pillowcase for the felting; it was very difficult to remove the knots each time I wanted to check the progress. I used a rubberband the last time in and that worked well too, but we only had a couple so not enough for the whole process.

Now, what else can I felt?