Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Purple Socks!

Finally, I finished my socks. I absolutely love making socks. Thanks to my Secret Pal, I received two balls of Sock It To Me sock yarn in the color 'African Violet'. I used Pam's In Your Shoes Ankle Socks pattern at CrochetMe, which is a great pattern and easy to follow. My favorite part? The heel, and don't ask why because I don't know. I just really enjoy stitching up the heel.

The first sock isn't nearly as pretty as the second, but I won't own to which is which though it is apparent on close inspection. I learned as I stitched, but consider it well worth it. I'll be wearing them around the house anyway, or they will be in my shoes, so no one will ever know but me.

After completing the first sock, I ordered four more balls of sock yarn in different colors, two of each. Even though the first didn't turn out as it should (it looks rather elvish), I knew I'd found a new favorite thing to crochet.

Thanks Secret Pal!!