Tuesday, July 13, 2004

28 - 29 - 30

I'm on a roll - which shall come to a screaching halt for a bit.

#28 - Boxed Shell Stitch

I can't decide if I like this one or not. I think I do. The look is good, open and pleasant to the eye. It certainly wasn't difficult to do. ;o)

#29 - Alternate Spike SC

Of course I love this one. Aside from the ease of the stitch, it's just so darn square which is nice for a change. I'm tired of squares that will have to rely on their neighbors to keep them 'in line' in order to be square. Give me some symmetry, will you?

#30 - Eyelet Lace

I thought this one was boring. And after the last square, this one didn't want to maintain the semblance of square-ness again. It's nice, but I was disappointed.

Each of the squares was completed using an H hook.

Tomorrow I'm setting this aside for the time being to work on the lime green and pink afghan for my cousin Kelly. I want to try to have it done by the time she heads off to college, and I've only completed seven squares so far. Time to get moving, but frankly it isn't very inspiring to me lately.