Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Bookmark Central

Wow, don't post in a week and Blogger has all kinds of new toys to play with again! I'll have to play and see what everything is for.

I've been working on bookmarks and thread for the past week. I've got thread on the brain, I think. I'm loving it though. After I send out the Swap packages I'll post a few pictures, or maybe just a link to a page with the ones I've done.

Over the weekend Rick and I made a trip to Joanns and a few other places. It can't all be about yarn, you know, though it isn't nearly so interesting. We looked at thread, lots of thread, and I bought colors I can't find at good ol' Wally World. I still can't find any brown though, but I should check Michaels again. Then as we were leaving the yarn aisles, heading over to look through the books and magazines, I spied some gorgeous Patons Melody yarn.

The color is High Energy and I am in love with it. Only the pink and lime green squares keep me from starting a hat or scarf with it. Only the lack of progress on the pink and lime green squares! So I leave it for now, and dream of what to make with it until I am allowed. I am so mean to myself.