Wednesday, July 07, 2004

I refuse to title this blog entry "Weekly Update"

Rick had a doctors appointment today so I tagged along but sat in the waiting room and crocheted. It calmed my nerves (I do not do well when he isn't feeling good) and helped to pass the time. I think Rick was tickled that I sat and crocheted, and maybe helped him to not feel so bad that I was stuck there waiting. I wanted to be there! I took the second sock of the seadrifter color, and added another inch while I waited for him. One big knot to cut out as I went along, so I grabbed my bag and asked the receptionist to borrow her scissors for two snips. She watched me very interestedly afterwards, and finally asked what I was working on. I heard all about her MIL who used to crochet, and all the things she has received as gifts. She sounded very pleased to describe those things to me, and added to my motivation to get gifts made this year. A 'passing grade' with the doctor made me feel even better for Rick, and off we went to run more errands.

I bought more thread at Wal-Mart after we were done at the MD, and another #7 hook which I have used the most so far. I have made another bookmark since the pineapple, but as it is for the Crochetville Swap I won't post it until I send it out and it is received.

I made a gift for my Secret Pal too, but also won't post that until she gets it. Special thanks to Tiff who didn't mind my stealing her idea for her Secret Pal. And I think it is a great idea! ;o)