Friday, July 30, 2004

soon, soon

I've spent nearly the entire week not crocheting and complaining about a case of food poisoning to Donna. I haven't felt like doing much of anything but whining, really. Now that I am almost ready to try a cup of coffee again (I miss coffee!), I thought I'd post a little something here to get my toes in the water again.

Today we went fishing, though there seemed to be a definite lack of fish in the lake. Rick had delayed his trip for two days due to my unruly stomach, and the forecast this morning had me thinking today was the best bet for not getting scorched into a sunburned crisp. Around and around we went, cast and retrieve, cast and retrieve. One of these days I'll realize my right upper arm is very strong from all the casting. Well, one of these years I might realize that.

As we were leaving this afternoon, a red pickup truck headed toward us with an elderly gentleman driving who was obviously on a mission. What he saw when he got out of his truck and walked to the launch ramp for five seconds I'll never know, but he got back into the truck and blasted out of the area. I noticed in those few moments a placemat-sized section of crocheted yarn on the dashboard, neat stitches in a Red Heart yarn whose skein was wedged against the glass. I thought of his wife who was home, mourning the fact that she had left her WIP in the truck before he left, and her worry that it would be hours before he returned. Provided he didn't stop at other lakes on the way home, I'm sure she must have been relieved to have possession of her work again so soon. No fixing an accidental frog for her!!