Saturday, August 21, 2004

Happy Saturday At You

Since I haven't been able to do much crocheting for the last few days, I hardly know what to blog about. I received a very nice package from my Crochetville Secret Pal a few days ago. She sent me a blank journal, a lovely cotton butterfly hotpad, and a tape measure which I always need and can never find. It is always good to have an extra on hand. :o) Thank you Secret Pal!!

I finished my second and third 12" squares for Jordan's Mom, finally, and only have one more to do. I'll post pictures of them all together when I get the last one done. I'm hoping like crazy I can finish it tomorrow and send it to Chelle so she can join them with the other contributions.

Lately I have been obsessing over shawls. I desperately want to make one for myself, so far the two I've made are for other ladies. I'm selfish, I want them! If I could settle on a color I suppose I would start on one without regard for my other unfinished projects. I'm also contemplating starting over with a different pattern for the pink and lime green afghan. Not that I like the idea of it, when I am more than halfway through the squares already. But I am not enjoying working on them in the slightest, and so I can't decide if it is worth starting over entirely or continue to plug along. How far have you ever gone into a project before you decided to give up and start over again? If I do, this one will be a complete loss because I certainly don't intend to do a pink and lime green afghan again. I could donate the squares, though there probably isn't a group willing to take such an unlikely color combination.