Monday, September 27, 2004

I'm such a square

As proof to Donna who felt very guilty for suggesting the pattern I used for the pink and lime green afghan, I started this project. The pattern she suggested required me to work in about 10 yarn ends for each square (and truly, who wanted to count - it was at least 10), and a couple of times she mentioned to me that she felt bad about all those ends. I didn't mind them at all (well, not so much), and learned a great deal about how to really work in those yarn ends. I don't fear them any longer. So, to prove this to myself and Donna, I started another granny square with color changes for an afghan a few days ago.

One of the ladies I once worked with is due in mid-October, and I had promised her another baby blanket. I made her the Sunshine Diamonds afghan in April, and now her baby is practically here! I was considering doing a star blanket for her, similar to the one that Beth made for her nephew. In the back of my mind though I keep hearing Vicky tell me she likes the "squares", so squares it will be. But I am putting them on point when I stitch them together. I haven't done a diamond shape before, and this seemed like the perfect time to give it a whirl!