Thursday, September 16, 2004

Ivan stuff, with a little yarn

I feel the urge to blog but there is very little to blog about. I've spent the last couple of days obsessed with Hurricane Ivan and worrying for my family in Florida. My parents and sister's family live in Panama City Beach. I have been glued to or within earshot of the television or computer for most of yesterday and today, trying to keep track of the storm and the damage it was causing. My sister and parents are fine, though both lost trees and power is out on their street. I'm very thankful.

Tonight Ivan is dropping rain on us in big, fat drops. We've had six inches of rain since early this morning, with more on the way. The wind is blowing, but not so strong that I am overly nervous. Earlier this evening, when the lights were going on and off, yes, I was quite nervous. It's better now.

I have been joining squares together this evening, whipstitching them together. The afghan is going to be super-warm! It's nearly 80° and hot under that afghan. I also started the scarf for the scarf swap at Crochetville today, though I was too nervous at the time to get much done on it. I think I can finish it tomorrow, or nearly so. I'm loving the yarn, but I won't say what it is so it will be a surprise to the recipient. I also started another shawl, the same as the red one I made for myself. This one is RH Summer Breeze for the body of the shawl. It will be my 'in the car' project, as I have too many others to work on when I'm at home. Oh yeah, plus I made two basic granny squares toward a baby afghan due in early October. I need to update my WIPs list!