Thursday, September 30, 2004

Shawls R Us

I'm really loving our mail carrier these days. She's brought me all kinds of yarn to play with from small eBay auctions I've won. I'd probably like her even more if she'd be the one to pay for these things, but at least she is bringing them to me.

Today the mail arrived and I received the yarn my mother wants me to use to make her a shawl. It's TLC Amore Lagoon Print, purchased on her trip to Michigan last month, taken home with her to Florida and then sent to me here in Georgia. Well-traveled yarn, I like that! She wants me to make her a shawl like this one, and as I love mine I have already started on hers. I think I can have it done by the end of the weekend. I'm so certain of it I'm not even going to worry about a progress bar. (Of course, that came after a long internal debate - I've got enough stuff on my sidebar as it is.)

Same pattern as before, and even the same hook which surprised me even though we picked the yarn because it was worsted weight yarn. I'm not so quick to catch on to things I guess, as I should be. In any case, I'm loving the TLC Amore, and I can't forget to say thanks to Becky for suggesting it to me and helping out with a picture of her skein of it that I could email to Mom. Thank you!

I've been working with the mohair in the evenings when we watch a movie. Of course, because there wasn't a huge amount of it, and I'm not so creative as I appear at times (really, I'm not!), it's turning into a long scarf of dc stitches. I think the idea was cemented in my mind when I removed the label and on the inside it said "One Skein Scarf". How's that for advertising?