Wednesday, September 22, 2004

You did what?

I used the sewing machine today. And I didn't break it and I only cried once for about a minute. I consider that a success! I have to clarify that I've never used my machine before. I've probably only used a sewing machine in my life for a total of 20 minutes, and then with my mother nervously hovering over my shoulder. This is a real first for me. The manual is great, with the instructions using terms I don't know (except I remember 'feed dog' as one Mom used many times) were on one page, with the images on another. Flipping back and forth is okay, but when you don't know what you are doing in the first place, it is very hard to tell what is important from one page to the next. I knew, however, that my bobbins looked nothing like Mom's did when I tried to fill them. Rick came out and said the set-up was weird for loading the bobbin, looked at the manual and pointed out my mistake. I was thrilled he did, I surely couldn't see it. And sure enough, a nice, neat bobbin, just like Mom used to make. I had no problem with the actual sewing part of using the machine, though I need to practice making hems and things. Stitching straight came fairly easily because I remember the few times I used Mom's machine. Tomorrow I'll practice more. I would like to make a new tablecloth for a big round table we have in a corner of our living room, and an apron or two would be nice for those rare occasions when I feel like really cleaning. I know it doesn't happen often that I feel like doing any deep cleaning, but it could happen someday. Maybe.