Saturday, October 02, 2004

I've got the blues

In order to dodge a sample table while grocery shopping this morning, I decided to walk down an aisle I didn't really need anything from. I don't enjoy those little sample tables, I just want to get my stuff and go - but I don't want to be rude either. So silly me, I'll walk the opposite direction that I need to go in order to avoid being rude. It turned into a good thing, however, when I walked down that particular aisle. Kool-Aid was on sale, 8 packets for $1. I am seriously tempted to get more, go back and spend $10 on a variety of colors and stick them in a Ziploc bag until I need them. Look at the crazy lady, buying 80 packets of Kool-Aid!!

After I came home and Rick and I had lunch, I played with my one remaining skein of Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool and packets of Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade, Berry Blue and Black Cherry.

I wasn't sure which color I really wanted (though obviously blue is a theme), and was experimenting more than anything else. I used, in each batch of dye, three packets of Kool-Aid to one cup of water and two tablespoons of vinegar. That being said, I didn't worry if I had a little too much water or not quite enough, and the vinegar was more "glug glug" out of the bottle than actual measuring. I figured if I did it once before with success, playing by the rules, how careful did I have to be? It worked well, I think. I soaked the wool, laid the hank on my large platter in a U shape and poured the dye onto a section of the yarn. Each hank has two colors of dye in it, and to ensure the colors came fairly close to blending, I used a large spoon to smoosh the yarn down into the dye pooled under it. I also scooped the dye into the spoon and drizzled it around for contrast. To keep the dye from running across the bottom of the platter (until I wanted it to), I folded a potholder under the platter on one end. The yarn I wanted that particular color had a chance to absorb most of the dye that way, and when I removed the potholder, there was still a bit left to blend with the different colored areas. One hank is separate areas of Berry Blue and Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade, with areas left purposefully un-dyed, just to see how it would look. Another one is one area Berry Blue and the other, Berry Blue with a packet of Black Cherry (the blue and purple one). The third is Berry Blue, and an area of navy blue made with three packets Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade and half a packet of Black Cherry.

When the yarn dries, I'll wind it into balls and see what the color distribution looks like. Having dyed solid colored hanks before, this was my first attempt at doing a multicolored yarn. I want another purse, and am eager to see how it looks together. I can switch between each hank of color as I go to get an even distribution, so I'm looking forward to experimenting with it.

For once I wish it was a bit warmer outside than it is, to help that yarn to dry!