Sunday, October 10, 2004

To the Festival...

Yesterday Rick and I went to the Apple Festival the next county over from us. I knew from studying the website that there was at least one booth devoted to crochet, so I was searching for it most of the day. I had worn my red shawl as it was chilly yesterday, and saw quite a few other shawls and not nearly as many ponchos as I expected. Maybe they really aren't everywhere. When we found the booth of crocheted goods, it was full of very nice lapghans and hats, small (eight inch) crocheted teddy bears, and so much other stuff I can't begin to remember it all. The vendor saw my shawl (it was warm by then, and I had folded it up over my purse) and asked if it was a shawl or poncho. When I told her it was a shawl, she began to give me eight different reasons why she won't make any ponchos (big in the 70's, a throwback, not going to last...). Then she told me almost everyone who came through her booth was asking for ponchos. Personally, I would much rather have a shawl than a poncho, but if I were trying to make a living, or even supplement my living and people were asking for something, I'd be making it as fast as I could. The woman was pleasant to talk to, and I enjoyed her obvious affection for Wally World. As Rick and I left the booth, there was a group of four or five young girls who were talking amongst themselves. I heard one say, "I wish I could crochet!", and the others agreed. I am sure they were heading in to ask for ponchos and be turned away, but perhaps the lady will 'come around' in the future. Still, I enjoyed that booth, and I am now wishing we'd stopped back by one more time before we left.

A little further down there was a booth with full-sized afghans, folded and hanging on bars. One was most certainly RH Soft Baby in white, maybe TLC Baby Soft in white, full of clusters and bobbles. It was beautiful, sheathed in plastic to keep the dust and sticky fingers away. The asking price was $300. I hardly know what to think about that. It was beautiful, but I am having a hard time imagining someone paying that much for it. It would make an incredible wedding gift, however. It was gorgeous.

I ran into an old friend at the Festival, and we caught up on news and gossip. She told me that Vicky had her baby about two weeks ago, almost four weeks early. I'm so disappointed, but it is my own fault for procrastinating on getting her baby afghan started. At least I already sent her one in the past. I have only six more squares to finish, and then ends to work in (lots of ends, I've left them all till now - I'm such an idiot a fan of working in ends I left my favorite part for last). It should be done by next weekend at the very latest, and I'll pack it off in a rush and send it to her. She probably thought I forgot all about it.

My mother got her shawl in the mail on Friday. She seemed thrilled over the phone, and even went so far as to wish for cooler weather so she could wear it. They live in Florida; it may be a while yet before she can fully endulge. Now she wants a capelet, and I suggested the Town & Country Capelet from LionBrand. I will also send her a link to Dot's round poncho pattern, just posted this morning. That might work too.