Monday, November 22, 2004


Laura asked a couple of days ago why I hadn't done anything in autumn colors this year. I'm not sure I know why. My intent wasn't to avoid those colors and in fact I bought quite a bit in warm tones and shades. It just seems that when the time comes to actually start chaining something out, I'm using other colors than what I may have purchased. It's okay though, it all goes in the stash and comes out later as something fabulous.

Her comment did make me think about the Simply Kitty afghan I made for Mom's Christmas present last year. I love that afghan, the colors are rich and matched the leaves outside when I started stitching. It's all single crochet but for the popcorn stitches and took forever to finish. I still loved every minute of it.

Want to know where my mother has it now? Folded up in the hall closet, because she is worried her four cats will snag it and pull out stitches. While I want it to look nice, I made it for her to enjoy and it just kills me that she has it stashed in a closet. I'd rather let the cats snag the you know what out of it and make her another one to replace it.

Well... it did take three months to complete. Maybe she should find a glass front cabinet to put it in to keep it safe.