Friday, November 19, 2004

Happy Friday at you!

Oh yes, I do like that Bloglines/Haloscan feed... :o)

I got really brave this evening and downloaded the new Mozilla Firefox browser. I say I got brave because 99% of the time I try something new I end up in tears and want to toss the computer out the window. This was great, I had no problems at all. It even asked if I wanted to import my bookmarks from my old Mozilla browser. I still haven't set Firefox as my default browser, though I'm not sure why. By the time you read this, I'll bet I have.

Here is the finished ripple afghan for Joy. Yay! I tried to take a photo of it in the house but it was too gray of a day and none of them would come out right. Since it is just a simple ripple I folded it up and carried it outside.

The colors are RH Windsor Blue and Shaded Dusk, both strands carried together. It's strictly lapghan size, and I'll do one more just about the same in the next week or so. Different colors perhaps, I'd love to find a color to coordinate with the lighter colors in the Shaded Dusk. Oh yes, don't forget the P hook! :o)

Yesterday afternoon I opened the mailbox and for the life of me couldn't think of who I knew in Oregon. Shame on me! I have a few friends online from other websites, and this package was from one of those. I guess I talk about snowflakes a lot. She sent me a Simplicity pattern from 1981 in exchange for a couple snowflakes to put on her tree. I can manage that!

Last but not least, here is part of the view from our back deck. Even without bright sunshine there is plenty of color to be seen. Rain in the forecast for this weekend, I'm afraid it will be gone by Thanksgiving.