Wednesday, November 17, 2004

here's where I'm at

Well shucks, how do I know? I mean, I'm sitting here surrounded by an incredibly messy desk, piles of magazines, various papers and several skeins of different kinds of yarn. A pile of Rick's cold weather clothes is just to my right waiting to be carried to the laundry room. Perhaps I'll grab them the next time I leave the room. A few books I have listed on eBay are stacked to my left, on top of three or four crochet magazines. Next to that is a tube of birthday wrapping paper (I sent out the socks today). My printer tray has three balls of sock yarn (why three?), a skein of LB Thick & Quick Ozarks and a stack of cds piled on it. Lots of delivery confirmation labels. My digital camera, scissors, Blistex, mailing labels, thread and yarn needles, a G, H and K hook (Boye, of course). Hair clips, notecards, snowflake patterns... No wonder I don't have a clue what is going on. No, I won't take a picture of the desk. Suffice to say that I would prefer no one see it, not even myself. Poor Rick has to know it is there but a brilliantly placed desk between the two of us keeps him from seeing most of it.

This is what I do know:

Rick's afghan ~ half of the squares are complete
Joy's afghan ~ about half done (ripple, nothing fancy)
Mom & Dad ~ Diagonal box stitch, nothing yet.
Socks for my sister ~ just (read: 15 minutes ago) started the first toe section
Extra socks which are not for my sister ~ I know which yarn I'm going to use, does that count?
Snowflakes ~ I have 10 done, I'd like another 16 if I'm going to include the bare minimum in Christmas cards and still have some for our tree.

I still need another afghan (ripple baby, keep it simple), at least one crocheted carrot bookmark for goodness sake (one aunt collects carrots)... I think my head is going to explode.

I think I'm clever, see, I tell myself that these aren't "Christmas presents" exactly, they are just end of the year projects. "I have to have it done by the end of the year". Why? If they aren't for Christmas, why can't I finish them by February?

Somebody else can give me a good reason for that - I've got to finish that first ripple afghan.