Thursday, November 18, 2004

I love Bloglines!

Tonight I discovered a new trick of which Bloglines and Haloscan members might want to take advantage. If you are a free user of Haloscan, such as myself, you already know you don't get email notifies of comments left on your blog. However, if you use Bloglines you can get notified the same as you do when blogs you are subscribed to get updated. Haloscan provides an RSS/XML feed for your comments! Simply log in to your account at Haloscan and select "Manage Comments". Under the "Manage Posts" header you have three options, one of which is "Your RSS/XML Feed". Copy and paste that link to your Bloglines account, the same way you would add a blog to your Bloglines list. Easy peasy!

Now, I haven't had a comment yet to see for certain that it works but I believe it will. And I'm not hunting for comments just to see if it does work, but you can bet I'll be paying attention.

The ripple afghan is done, all but working in the ends. I'll take a picture tomorrow. I've started the afghan for my parents, and the socks for my sister are slowly growing.