Thursday, November 04, 2004

Town & Country Capelet

I finished my first poncho today. While still not a big fan of them personally (I just adore shawls too much), I have been so tempted to wear this a few times today. A big cold front is coming through, and what was 60°F when we woke up this morning should be in the 30's overnight. Big difference there!

The pattern I used is the Town & Country Capelet from Lion Brand. My mother wanted something warm to wear this winter, preferably shorter than a poncho and "more closed". No holes, in other words. She picked the color, Lion Brand Homespun 'Prairie', and off I went. The pattern calls for a crocheted flower for the front, but since she has four cats who fight for their turn to sleep on her in the evenings, she decided against the flower.

I love having another FO, but in the meantime, my list of Christmas projects keeps growing. For every two things I finish, I add something else. Or, worse yet, start working on something that isn't even intended for a Christmas gift. At least I'm busy doing something I enjoy!