Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Making Plans

I'm done. I have been done for a couple of days now, but I've been too stunned to realize it. Plus the hunt for boxes to ship things in made me feel 'not done'. Today I will send out the box to my sister, and with that all of the Christmas gifts are done and finished. There was a last minute change in plans that wouldn't have affected the outcome. The afghan I was working on for one of the ladies at the post office will be completed at a later date, but not because I didn't have time to finish it. The first of the pair is going to Rick's Dad for his birthday. Rick decided he liked the afghan and while discussing the upcoming birthday we decided it should go to his dad. I like the idea. So that meant I couldn't very well give just one afghan to one of those ladies and so I made them each snowflakes instead. The only downside to being done - I don't have a clue what to do next!!!

Snowflakes are still on the list, at least once a week. I'm itching to work with thread more than I have been so I should have a couple of projects going at one time. My sweet and innocent 6½ year old niece found a poncho she liked and asked my sister for one in every color. My sweet and darling sister said, "I'll buy you this one, and let's go home and call Aunt Julie." I convinced my niece that stripes were definitely the way to go, probably dashing her hopes of five different colored ponchos but knowing me, she'll get at least two. I also have another poncho promised for the daughter of a friend, but that is expected around Valentine's Day.

... 'rugs' for a dollhouse
... bookmarks for niece and nephew (the carrot was admired in an email and the request made)
... 63 Squares!!! (I miss it!)
... Rick's lapghan
... a shawl(s) for me
... hats for the Crochetville Hat Swap in January and February

I just know I'm forgetting something.

One of my Christmas presents this year is a yarn ball winder. I didn't peek, I just know it was ordered by looking at My eBay page. I also got two hooks from TOTC, a P and Q hook in Cherry. Photoshop Elements 3.0 is now on my computer (not that I know how to use it yet) and I'm waiting on Amazon for a couple of books. I've been very spoiled this year, but I won't mention that more than this one time.