Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Oh boy oh boy oh boy!!

Our mail delivery is by truck these days. Not a USPS truck but a good old Chevy S10. How the mail lady reaches the mailboxes from it is beyond me, but also not my concern. When I hear the truck door slam though, I know she brought us goodies.

First the details - This is approximately 4½ to 5 pounds of Burgundy acrylic chenille yarn, 1500 ypps (yards per pound). It seems to be a little lighter than worsted weight but I haven't swatched it up yet and I am certainly not going to quibble about it. It is beautiful! I'm thinking shawl or wrap or perhaps even a capelet... shucks, there is enough there to make at least two if not three beautiful goodies with it.

Next, the blame excuses reasons - Elizabeth made me do it!! She made me drool and showed off all her beautiful yarn, and sent me two balls of beautiful chenille that made my heart go pitter-pat. I had to order yarn from Fiber Options, I just HAD to.

If you hear any gleeful chortling coming from the Northwest Georgia mountain area, it's me.

Hey! How do you like the new thumbnail photo option from Photobucket? It's certainly easier on me than resizing my pictures for the blog. Yep, I am definitely happy over here.