Saturday, December 11, 2004

Playin' Footsie

Last night, knowing I was going to blog about the socks this morning I was trying to figure out the best way to take pictures of them. I thought that rather than me wearing the socks I could find some of the sock forms, someday in the future, but that day in the future is too distant to help me right now. I searched eBay out of curiosity and wasn't really impressed. There aren't too many out there and the price wasn't what I had in mind. I found a couple of websites who sold them but the cost was rather prohibitive to me, $24 for one form!! Ack!! Rick and I talked about it and something he said made me remember when some bloggers and folks at Crochetville were talking about making dress forms with duct tape. I wondered why I couldn't do the same thing with my foot?

Turns out there was no reason that I couldn't. I put on a pair of older nylon socks that I didn't want any longer and started taping my foot. I did several layers from my toes to my ankles, wrapping snuggly but not so tight that I couldn't bend my foot if I tried. It took about fifteen minutes for each foot (yes, I wanted two feet and no, I wasn't bright enough to do one foot twice), and I cut a slit along the inside about halfway down my foot to get my foot out. A little carefully placed duct tape to hide the cut and I had a fairly reasonable copy of my foot. Each one is stuffed with Wal-Mart and grocery store bags to a moderate firmness and then I taped the top shut.

It isn't perfect and perhaps there is a better way to create what I ended up with. But I can't beat the price: $2.97 for a roll of duct tape and I only used about a third of it at most. One old pair of socks that I didn't want any longer and 45 minutes of my time. Considering they will only be used to take a picture to post here and that's it, I think I did okay. Plus it made Rick laugh so it gives another positive in my book.

And Tiff, I still love the hotpad you made me! :o)