Saturday, December 11, 2004

Toot toot tootsie

Yesterday afternoon I finished my sister's birthday socks. I was starting to worry because I'd started them a couple of weeks ago and then the first sat for days and days, only half done. I learned from this pair of socks that if I only apply myself I can have a pair done in three or four days. I should be able to do better than that, actually. The sock yarn is from and the color is Mediterranean Sea. I love how it striped as I worked, actually I was stunned how well it striped. I used the Toe Up Sock pattern aka 'Ye Olde Standby' and a G hook.

The day before yesterday I got a surprise box in the mail from my mother and CafePress. How she found out about this stuff I'll never know but I won't question her for fear I'll find out I told her myself and can't remember. A sure sign of encroaching elderly behavior. She sent me this tote bag and mug, and for Rick this mug. Now all I need to do is order a couple of things from the Crochet me Swank Online Market after the first of the year. By the way, the tote bag is a great size. It's nice and big and the straps are long so it won't be stuck behind your shoulder if you stuff the bag full.

Back to snowflakes and I still have one more afghan to make. I bought the yarn a couple of days ago so I can start it at any time. Today if we don't run errands I will work on snowflakes. And with that in mind I'm off to do my morning housework so I can get started. I should be able to get one done before we leave, and if we stay home you won't hear one bit of complaining from me.