Saturday, December 04, 2004

a walking dream

Even though I'm going to apologize for the really ultra bad night-time picture, it isn't going to stop me from posting it anyway. Rick and I went to a little Christmas parade and tree lighting tonight in a small town near ours and I was thrilled to see the alpacas and llamas participating. Not that they seemed too happy to be there, but they were absolutely beautiful.

It was all I could do to restrain myself from running up and begging the handlers for wool. That probably wouldn't have been too cool. In all there were a dozen or so walking the route, in all colors from black to the prettiest sandy brown color. Three of the alpacas (or llamas - how do you tell the difference?) were pulling those two seat buggies and didn't seem to mind the crowds as much as the ones walking with the handlers. It wasn't nearly as dark as the picture looks and I'm very disappointed at how they turned out, but at least I got one that you can sort of see. Especially now that I described what it was. ;o)