Sunday, January 09, 2005

Purple Poncho

As I type this, my niece's poncho is packed in a box and moving toward Florida though not nearly as fast as she would like it to be. She might be a teeny little bit impatient for a 6½ year old, but I love her just the same. My mother told me she asked the other day if I could crochet "anything else". If she loves it I think I'm going to be in trouble.

If she loves it I will survive and do my best to whip together whatever other goodies she might like.

The colors are RH Light Orchid and Bernat Eye Lash 'Cool'. They don't really match, I'm not sure what I was thinking but it was a spur of the moment purple decision after I bought the eyelash yarn. I used a V stitch throughout and lived at this page until I was fairly certain I had the measurements right. Any error in the sizing will not be on Janelle's side but a mistake on mine, and I will sing praises at her forever (which will probably make her think I'm a crazed internet stalker rather than a grateful aunt) for putting the instructions together.