Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Troopin' Along

Every month at Crochetville we start a different swap rotation. At the first of January we started a Hat Swap, with the rotation to end on February 28th. I drew names from a Fenton Art Glass box, a vase box (it was handy, I didn't have a hat around, go figure!), and the ladies who signed up have been happily making hats to swap with each other.

I made a suggestion at the beginning of the swap for each of the participants to make a hat to donate to a charity of their choosing. Or, they could send the hats to me and I would donate them to in one or two larger donations.

So far I have received 10 hats from some of the wonderful women at Crochetville. Thank you Chelle, Deneen and Sutty!! There are many more on the way as I get messages daily from these fabulous ladies who are making hats. As an added incentive, I decided to match every hat I receive for I've made five hats so far (I had a couple of birthday presents to complete first but now it's nothing but hats five days a week) and hope to meet my personal goal of one for one. I've had a couple of offers of help to make hats to meet the number donated, but at the moment I'm going to try to do it on my own. A personal challenge, if you will. :o) I may send out boxes to some units as I gather together enough hats, but right now I'm so happy stitching away I haven't looked for a unit to send the first box to yet.